The Essential Checklist For Thanksgiving Cleaning

Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here? That wonderful time of year when we gather with our loved ones, share amazing meals, and make those special memories. If you’re hosting Turkey Day this year, whether voluntarily or not, it can be a bit of a juggling act, especially when it comes to keeping our homes clean and cozy for our guests.

That’s why we’ve put together this essential checklist. We want to help you get your home looking its best without all the stress and easily take care of the mess. From getting your place all spruced up before the big day to dealing with those oh-so-inevitable spills during the feast, and even tackling the aftermath, we’ve got some nifty tricks and tips up our sleeve. You can even print out our handy infographics below.

We’re here to share some simple, yet effective, cleaning strategies that’ll not only make your life easier but also let you enjoy every moment of the holiday. Think of this as your ultimate guide for making your home sparkle and keeping your sanity intact during Thanksgiving.

So, grab a cup of your favorite fall drink, get comfy, and let’s dive into these Thanksgiving cleaning secrets together. 

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Hey there! So, you’re gearing up for Thanksgiving, right? It’s such a fun time, but we all know it can be a bit of a scramble to get everything ready. Don’t sweat it, though – We’ve got some tips to help you prep your space so you can focus on the fun stuff, like eating too much pie and enjoying time with your favorite people.

Decluttering Your Space

Kick the Clutter to the Curb: First things first, let’s clear out that clutter. You know, those random bits and bobs that just seem to accumulate in the living room, kitchen, and, well, just about everywhere. It’s time to tackle them! This isn’t just about making space for all the holiday action; it’s about creating a welcoming, calming vibe. No one wants to trip over a pile of magazines or search for the gravy boat under a mountain of mail, right?

Deep Cleaning Essentials

Let’s dive into the deep cleaning part. You know, that satisfying, elbow-grease kind of clean that makes your whole place feel brand new. We’re going to hit all those areas that are super important for the holiday, especially since your kitchen is about to become mission control!

Fridge & Freezer First

Begin with your fridge and freezer. You’ll need room for all those holiday ingredients and leftovers. Toss out anything past its prime, give the shelves a good wipe, and organize everything so you can grab what you need without having to dig through a food jungle.

Microwave Magic

Next up, the microwave. This little guy will be getting use by Uncle Bill who always seems to show up late. A quick steam clean (just nuke a bowl of water and lemon juice for a few minutes and then wipe down) will do wonders.

Oven Overhaul

Now, the oven. It’s the heart of your Thanksgiving meal, so it deserves some attention. Whether it’s a self-cleaning cycle or a bit of scrubbing, get it gleaming and ready for that turkey or veggie roast. Refer to our oven cleaning post on how to restore that shine before the guests arrive.

Squeaky-Clean Sink

Don’t forget your sink. A thorough scrub down is essential. After all, it’s going to see a lot of action with all the cooking and cleaning.

Vacuuming & Mopping 

Of course, we’re not just about the kitchen. Give your floors a good vacuum and mop. It’s amazing what a difference clean floors make. Plus, nobody likes finding crumbs under their feet when they’re trying to relax.

Dust Bustin’

Dusting time! From shelves to ceiling fans, a good dusting can really brighten up a room. It’s like giving your home a mini makeover.

Cabinet Care & Table TLC

Finally, give those cabinets and your kitchen table a good wipe down. You might even find some surprise spills or splatters on the cabinets – now’s the perfect time to get rid of them.

Wipe Down the TV Screen

It’s not Turkey Day without Football on the big screen. Be sure to wipe away any dust and fingerprints with a microfiber cloth. Paper towels can scratch! And whatever you do, don’t use Windex or ammonia based glass cleaners. You shouldn’t need any liquids, but if you do, use a 1:1 mixture of distilled water and vinegar. Dab it on the cloth, not the screen. Wipe gently and let dry.

Make Memories Through Thanksgiving Ambiance

So, you’ve got your place sparkling clean – awesome job! But, you know what? A clean house is just the start. Now it’s time to crank up the coziness and set the scene for an unforgettable Thanksgiving. It’s one thing to have a clean home, but the right atmosphere and ambiance? That’s what makes your event truly special.

Setting the Mood

Soft, warm lights can make a world of difference. If you’ve got dimmers, now’s the time to use them. No dimmers? No problem! A few well-placed candles (safely, of course) can add that perfect glow. String lights can add a magical touch too.

Bring In the Autumn Feel

A few fall-themed decorations can really set the mood. Think colorful leaves, cute pumpkins, and maybe a wreath on the door. You don’t need to go overboard – just a few touches here and there can really bring that fall feeling home.

Comfy and Cozy Corners

Pillows and throws are your friends. Drape a cozy blanket over the couch, fluff up some pillows – make those sitting areas super inviting. After all, you want your guests to feel right at home and comfy enough to relax and stay awhile.

The Power of Scent

Never underestimate the power of a good scent. Whether it’s a cinnamon-spiced candle, a pot of mulled cider simmering on the stove, or some freshly baked treats, these smells can make your home feel warm and welcoming.

A Table to Talk About

And let’s not forget the star of the show – your dining table. A nice tablecloth, some simple yet elegant table settings, and maybe a centerpiece that screams ‘autumn’ (without getting in the way of the turkey, of course) can make your dinner spread look as good as it tastes.

Background Tunes

Last but not least, a little background music can set the perfect tone. Some soft, ambient tunes or even some classic Thanksgiving songs can fill the air with that special holiday vibe.

Cleaning Tips for Thanksgiving Day

Gather Your Cleaning Arsenal Ahead of Time

Quick tip, get your supplies in order before the guests arrive. Trust me, the last thing you want is to be rummaging through cupboards looking for that all-purpose cleaner when you could be chowing down on some delicious stuffing or sharing laughs with your family.

This should be quick since you deep cleaned beforehand! We’re talking about your sprays, wipes, sponges, dish soap – you name it. Maybe even stash a small caddy or basket under the sink or in a nearby closet. This way, everything is within easy reach, and you’re not wasting precious family time on a scavenger hunt for a sponge or a rag.

Preparing Your Kitchen for the Feast

Before the cooking frenzy begins, let’s set up your kitchen like a pro. Have a staging area for dirty dishes – maybe fill one side of the sink with hot soapy water or set up a tub nearby. This way, you can quickly dunk and soak used items, keeping your counters clutter-free.

Lining Your Cookware for Easy Cleanup

Lining your cookware is a game-changer. Pop some foil in the oven (where safe to do so)and crockpot, and line those baking sheets with parchment paper. It’ll make your post-cooking cleanup a breeze, and you’ll thank yourself later.

Managing Spills and Stains

With a house full of guests and a feast on the go, spills are bound to happen. Keep a roll of paper towels or clean cloths handy for quick wipe-ups. Got a wine spill? No stress! A little club soda will do the trick. Be sure to check our post on managing stains for some more ideas.

Keeping the Kitchen in Check

Your kitchen is the heart of Thanksgiving. To keep it in check, clean as you go. Rinse and load the dishwasher regularly, and keep that sink clear. It’s all about staying on top of things so you’re not facing a mountain of mess later. Use the dish tub or one side of the sink you prepared earlier if there’s too much for the dishwasher.

Ready-to-Go Containers for Leftovers

Everyone loves leftovers! Have containers ready to fill with all that yummy extra food. It’s a great way to clean up and prepare for the next few days of delicious eats. You don’t want to be hunting down that missing lid when friends and family are over.

Guest Area Quick Cleanups

Keep a small cleaning kit in the guest area – maybe a lint roller, some spot cleaner, and extra trash bags. This way, you can quickly tidy up without having to run around searching for supplies.

Post-Thanksgiving Cleaning Strategies

The turkey’s been devoured, the pies are just crumbs, and now it’s time for the post-Thanksgiving cleaning. Don’t worry, though. Our ultimate tips will make cleaning after Thanksgiving a lot easier. 

Tackling the Aftermath

Start with the kitchen since it’s likely ground zero after the feast. Load up the dishwasher, tackle those pots and pans, and wipe down those countertops. Remember, breaking it down into smaller tasks can make it feel less overwhelming. And hey, turn on some tunes or a podcast to keep things lively!

Dealing with Leftovers and Waste

Now, let’s handle those leftovers. Store them in airtight containers and pop them in the fridge or freezer. Not only does this clear up space, but hey, you’re also setting yourself up for some awesome next-day meals. And for the waste? Make sure to separate recyclables from the trash – it’s a small step with a big impact! And if you have one, put that extra food waste in your compost bin to use in your garden later.

Returning Your Home to Order

Time to get your living areas back in shape. Fluff those pillows, straighten up the throw blankets, and give the floors a good vacuum or sweep. If you had a lot of foot traffic, a quick mop can do wonders.

Involve Your Guests in the Cleanup

Don’t forget, it’s totally okay to enlist some help! Having family and friends pitch in can make clean-up go faster and even be fun. Plus, it’s a great way for everyone to show their thanks and contribute to the day.

The Final Once-Over

Lastly, do a final walk-through of your home. Check for any missed spots, straighten up any areas that got a bit disheveled, and maybe light a candle or two to bring back that cozy, calm vibe.

And there you have it! Follow this ultimate guide, and you’ll be a Thanksgiving house cleaning pro. Remember, it’s all about being prepared and tackling things one step at a time. Now, go enjoy that feast and the company of your loved ones – you’ve got this!

No time to read this guide? Print our infographics to hang on the fridge! It’s a lot quicker than reading this on your phone while you clean.

Thanksgiving Cleaning Checklist
Company Cleaning Checklist

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