Revitalize Your Home
with Expert
Deep Cleaning Services

Where Every Clean Brings a Fresher, Brighter Lifestyle

Revitalize Your Home
with Expert
Deep Cleaning Services

Where Every Clean Brings a Fresher, Brighter Lifestyle

Are you in a constant battle with a never ending cleaning list, struggling to find time for yourself, family, and career?

When you’re always cleaning, there’s things you have to give up.


Family Time
Social Engagements
Spontaneous Adventures


Business Deals
Networking Events
Career Development


Rest and Sleep

Life is too short to spend it battling dust and grime. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the ever present need for deep cleaning and longing for a more organized, sparkling space, you’re not alone.​

As parents and
professionals too, we get it

At CompanyClean, we understand how a clean home can transform your life. With years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals, we're here to take the burden of deep cleaning off your shoulders.

Trust and Security

Your home is your sanctuary, and at CompanyClean, we honor that with the highest standards of trust and security. Our professionally vetted, bonded, and insured teams not only bring impeccable cleaning skills but also a commitment to your peace of mind, ensuring a safe and trustworthy service every time.

Commitment to Quality and Community

Choose CompanyClean and invest in a service that’s dedicated to excellence and community values. Our family-operated business guarantees satisfaction with every clean, reflecting our deep-rooted commitment to quality and community support, including our initiative to aid Developmental Pathways, enhancing lives beyond just cleaning.

You're In Control

Save even more of your precious time with simple-to-use app. Our streamlined web portal for easy bookings, real-time cleaning checklists, and prompt notifications are designed for your convenience, transforming the way you manage your home cleaning needs into a seamless, stress-free experience.

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Our Simple, Effective Cleaning Process

Get Pricing & Choose Date

Select the size of your home, any extra services, and get an instant quote. Then, choose your frequency and what date best works for you.

On-time Professional Cleaners
Will Come to Your Home

Our bonded, insured, and background-checked professional cleaners will use their own supplies to give your home a makeover that is fresh and inviting.

Relax and Enjoy

Step into your impeccably clean and rejuvenated space.

Ready to Transform Your Home?

Don't wait! Book your deep cleaning session today and start enjoying a fresher, cleaner home.

What is a Deep Cleaning?

It’s not just cleaning; it’s a rejuvenation for your home. Dive deeper than the everyday sweep and mop. Discover what sets deep cleaning apart.

Unparalleled Detail

We meticulously care for every nook and cranny. Baseboards, light switches, and oven vents to name a few. We ensure spaces often overlooked shine bright.

Comprehensive Coverage

From the outside of your appliances to the insides of windows, from tile grout in bathrooms and ceiling fans, we leave no stone unturned.

Putting Your Health First

Embrace a cleaner, healthier life. Our deep cleaning prioritizes your well-being, ensuring every corner of your home not only shines but also supports a vibrant, healthy lifestyle by reducing allergens and bacteria.

A Revitalized You

Feel the freshness, see the brightness, and relish the inviting aroma of a home that's been deeply cleansed.

Avoid the stress of clutter and grime

Neglecting deep cleaning can lead to discomfort, stress, and an uninviting living space. Don't let dirt and clutter take away the peace of your home.

Woman stressed from cleaning

...and embrace the bliss of a perfectly deep cleaned home

Imagine opening your door to a home that's not just clean, but deeply, refreshingly pristine. A home where every room invites tranquility and comfort, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – living your best life. With CompanyClean, this vision is not just a dream; it’s your new reality.

What's included with a Deep Clean

Common Rooms

Experience a deep clean like never before. From vacuumed carpets and furniture to spotless windowsills and dust-free blinds, every surface will gleam, including meticulously cleaned baseboards and freshly purified vents. Enjoy the comfort of a harmoniously clean space with sparkling mirrors, neatly made beds, and a living room that welcomes relaxation. We ensure even walls and doors are spot-checked, creating an environment that's not just clean, but a true sanctuary.


With a deep cleaning, your bathroom transforms into a place you'll want to relax. We meticulously clean toilets, showers, sinks, and faucets, while ensuring floors are swept and mopped. Countertops, ledges, and cabinets are disinfected and wiped. Cobwebs, dust, and grime are removed from blinds, windowsills, shelves, baseboards, along with spot-checked  doors and walls. And finally, complemented by sparkling mirrors and artfully cleaned wall art, enhancing the overall freshness and hygiene of your bathroom.


Enjoy a sparkling kitchen with our detailed cleaning service. We'll thoroughly clean your microwave, stovetop, and the exteriors of your stove, dishwasher, and fridge. Count on us for pristine floors, cobweb-free corners, dustless blinds, and spotless windowsills. Add on a fridge, freezer, or oven cleaning to take your culinary haven to the next level.

Misc Rooms

In areas like your washroom, we bring clarity and shine. Our service includes cleaning the inside of glass doors and windows, ensuring a streak-free view. We meticulously dust and wipe light switches and door frames, polish mirrors and glass items to a gleam, and carefully dust pictures and wall art, transforming these spaces into pristine, artfully maintained areas of your home