Clean your home and your conscience

Isn't It Time Your Household Chores Had a Higher Calling?

For a limited timeName your price for exceptional house cleaning services while making a difference — all proceeds supports Developmental Pathways, helping those with special needs.

Why We're Doing This Promotion

Have you wanted to try
house cleaning services, but...

  • Are anxious about cost and value?
  • Concerned with trust and security?
  • Worry about the quality?
  • Been burned by bad cleaning companies?

These concerns mean a never-ending struggle to keep your home clean, feeling anxious about that next house guest, and less time for yourself. You shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of cleaning or be held back because of a bad experience.

That's why CompanyClean is giving you the opportunity to name your price for a house cleaning. This pay what you want model gives you a chance to try house cleaning services risk free. And the biggest benefit? All profits go to Developmental Pathways, an organization here in Denver that's revolutionizing lives for those with disabilities.

Seriously, pay what you want for a house cleaning

You pay, we donate. All proceeds go to Developmental Pathways.

House Cleaning Experts Trusted By

Our Charity Commitment

Cleaning with a Cause

Our passion at CompanyClean for helping those with special needs is a tribute to my cousin Ricky, whose joy and resilience in facing muscular dystrophy deeply moved me. His life’s impact drives our mission to support others like him.


By supporting Developmental Pathways, we're committed to empowering this extraordinary community in Colorado and beyond, keeping my cousin's legacy of light and laughter alive and fostering a brighter future for individuals with special needs.

Witness Immediate Results

Experience the immediate transformation of your home, where high-quality cleaning brings value that surpasses your expectations from the very first visit.

Time-Saving Convenience

Reclaim hundreds of hours of cleaning time, freeing up your weekends and spare time, as we handle all your cleaning needs.

Never Clean Again

Enjoy a consistently spotless home environment, enhancing your comfort and lifestyle.

What you get with CompanyClean

At CompanyClean, your satisfaction is our focus. Our personalized cleaning process is designed to turn that beautiful home of yours into the palace it absolutely deserves to be.

Trust and Security

Your home is your sanctuary, and at CompanyClean, we honor that with the highest standards of trust and security. Our professionally vetted, bonded, and insured teams not only bring impeccable cleaning skills but also a commitment to your peace of mind, ensuring a safe and trustworthy service every time.

Commitment to Quality and Community

Choose CompanyClean and invest in a service that’s dedicated to excellence and community values. Our family-operated business guarantees satisfaction with every clean, reflecting our deep-rooted commitment to quality and community support, including our initiative to aid Developmental Pathways, enhancing lives beyond just cleaning.

A Referral Program Like No Other

Once you're liberated from the crushing grind of home cleaning, you'll want the same for your friends. That's why we have a referral program that gives you and your friends credit for using our services. Imagine not just cleaning never again, but also getting it for free.

How it Works

We clean your home

We donate profits to charity

Key Details

Promotion at a Glance

  • Name Your Price - After we finish cleaning, you tell us what you think it's worth.
  • No Risk  - By setting the price, you're in control.
  • Support Charity - All profits go to Developmental Pathways.
  • Limited Space - Call Now and secure your spot for this rare opportunity.
How to claim this amazing offer

Promotional Requirements

  • Give us a call at 720-536-0940.
  • Schedule a cleaning.
  • Tell us the value on a follow up call.
  • The home is in our service area

Booked Services

Cleaning You Can Count On – Always On Time & Affordable Cleaning Services for Homes of Any Size.

Essential Cleaning

  • Pristine Bathroom Cleaning
  • Thorough Vacuum, Sweep, and Mop
  • Spotless Surface Cleaning
  • Top to Bottom Dusting

Deep Cleaning

  • Everything from Essential Cleaning
  • Hand Wash Baseboards
  • Wipe Vertical Surfaces
  • Blinds and Vents Cleaning

Ready to Shine?

Call us and support a great cause

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