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Join A Team Where Your Hard Work is Valued and Rewarded

Transform Your Cleaning Career with CompanyClean – House Cleaning That Respects and Rewards Your Dedication

Are you struggling with


Spending nights and weekends at the job
Finding your own clients
No support


Financial Stress
Low Wages
Inconsistent Pay


Stressful work
Not having fun
Being overlooked and undervalued

With years in the industry, we understand the struggles professional house cleaners face every day. Low wages, irregular payments, faceless corporations, the hustle of finding clients, and sacrificing personal time for work can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to offer a different experience – one where your efforts are truly appreciated.

From Overlooked to Valued

How CompanyClean Transforms Your Work Experience

As a professional house cleaner with CompanyClean, you play a vital role in the customer's story. You’re not just cleaning homes; you’re providing comfort and peace of mind to our clients. Your attention to detail and dedication make a real difference in their lives.

Stable, Competitive Pay

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of fluctuating paychecks. At CompanyClean, we offer flat-rate, competitive wages that recognize your hard work.

Consistent, Reliable Schedules

Enjoy the stability of a regular schedule. We respect your personal time, ensuring you won’t have to work nights and weekends.

No More Hunting For Clients

Leave the stress of finding clients to us. Focus on what you do best – providing top-notch cleaning services.

Ready to Start Your Journey with CompanyClean?

Take the first step towards a rewarding relationship with CompanyClean. Apply now and join a team that values your hard work and dedication.

Choose a new beginning that rewards YOU

Emily, tired of inconsistent hours and low pay in her cleaning job, discovered CompanyClean. Skeptical but drawn to the promise of fair wages and a supportive team, she applied. Six months later, she's thriving, with a stable income and a balanced life. At CompanyClean, Emily feels valued and enjoys her work, realizing that joining the company was the best decision for her financial future and well-being.

...or stick with the same problems and stress

John, a cleaner, came across CompanyClean's appealing job offer. Hesitant to trust these promises, he stayed in his current job, enduring the same challenges. Later, learning about a Emily's success at CompanyClean, he regretted not taking the chance. John realized too late that his skepticism had cost him a valuable opportunity to improve his life.

Immediate Benefits To You


Set your schedule - More time for what matters
Jobs come to you
A supportive workplace more


Recurring Clients = Consistent Pay
Competitive Wages
$200 bonus after 90 days
...and even more ways to earn


Easy going environment
Fun - Pet some dogs and cats!
A place where you feel valued
...and it doesn't end there

So what are you waiting for?