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About CompanyClean

CompanyClean is a professional residential cleaning service located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. What makes us unique is that we are focused on service to make your home look its very best. Our highly trained professionals have the expertise needed to handle any cleaning challenge, from sinks and baths to polishing windows.

Our goal is customer satisfaction by freeing up your time. We take every job seriously, no matter the difficulty. Each task is handled with precision by experts who pay close attention to details and carefully assess the requirement of the job before they begin, ensuring the result is flawless. 

We're the best at what we do. Your house will be CompanyClean each and every time. 

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Our Story

When I was growing up, we kept our house in pretty good order. But my mom would always push me and the rest of the family when we were expecting people over, saying we need to make the house “company clean”. You want to send a good message to your guests every time they drop by.

As I got older, both my parents needed to work to support five kids. The house would be a mess when they got home. Sometimes they’d have to skip one of our sports games to tidy up. Or they’d simply be too exhausted after work and cleaning to take us out.

After we had our first kid, I was resolved to spend as much time with them as I could. That’s why I started CompanyClean here in Highlands Ranch. Life is too short to waste it on cleaning or mowing when I could be having fun with the family.

Here at CompanyClean we want to free you up from being tied down with busywork by providing you with convenient, timely, and quality cleaning services so you can kick back and do what you love most.

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